Longest Government Shutdown In U.S. History #179.

Government Stagnation Over Two Fundamentally Opposed Views. We get absolutely nowhere if we can’t find common ground. As the government shutdown enters its second month. Government employees continue to go unpaid. But only the small fish in the large ocean are struggling. Everyday government employees, the ones who provide security, process taxes, clean our parks….

NFL Referees Continuing To Decide Major Games #178.

At What Point Do We Allow Technology Take Over For These Highly Flawed Referees? Over the weekend the Saints lost to the Los Angeles Rams. But the saints should have won that game. But a blown call by the referees gave the Rams an opportunity to go on to the Superbowl. With under two minutes…

Playing Hide And Seek In An Abandoned Warehouse #177.

Although This Sounds Like It Could Be A Blast For Kids. Think Before You Hide And Seek For You May Not Make It Out Alive. Last week a kid in his early twenties passed away while playing hide and seek with two of his friends. They started the game in the pitch black of night…

Remedial Work, A Mental Muzzle #176.

This Isn’t To Say You Can’t Think While You Do The Remedial Work. It Simply Changes The Context And Structure Of Your Thoughts. Leaving less room for creative thought and expression. Your mind is somewhat hijacked for the 8 to 12 hours a day you spend devoted to another entity. If you have remedial work…

Pouring Money Into An Infrastructure No One Wants Or Needs #175.

Why Pour Money Into New Infrastructure For Bike Lanes In An Over Crowded City? If The Result Causes More Crowding And Even Less Bicyclist? As is the case in the city of Seattle not only have city officials poured millions of dollars in infrastructure cost down the drain. Attempting to create a bike friendly city….