Pouring Money Into An Infrastructure No One Wants Or Needs #175.

Why Pour Money Into New Infrastructure For Bike Lanes In An Over Crowded City? If The Result Causes More Crowding And Even Less Bicyclist?

Infrastructure For Bicyclist
Photo by Adrian Williams on Unsplash

As is the case in the city of Seattle not only have city officials poured millions of dollars in infrastructure cost down the drain. Attempting to create a bike friendly city. Money that could be better used. The new lanes they created for bicyclist have taken road space from commuters. Not only that but bicycling as a whole is consistently down year over year. Just under 2 percent of the entire city commuters actually bike to work.

It’s A Poor System.

Catering to the demands of so few is absolutely ridiculous. Than in order to pay for those who don’t have to drive to work or those who take public transportation. The majority, those who owns vehicles, have to pay astronomical taxes for car tabs in order to fund these projects that cater to those who don’t use vehicles. It’s a dumb system and it’s not even working to remove people from vehicles and put them on public transportation or on bikes. Why? because bikes are a poor inefficient and often unsafe way to get to where you need to go.

Maybe if you live within a few miles of work. You would use those other forms of transportation rather than drive yourself. But many who work in the city, live outside of the city. Why? Because to live in a city where Amazon has it’s headquarters and Google and Facebook have major office would require a salary beyond the blue collar average.

Stop Funding A Lost Cause.

Burning Money

Lastly most bicyclist want the same rights as vehicles but very few obey the same rules and laws. Most will run stop signs, run red lights, cut in front of traffic, drive far below the speed limit. You could even argue that they cause more emissions due to slowing down traffic. Granted they do have a lot more obstacles, while navigating a busy city than most. And that is probably the reason why most opt out of biking altogether. So if people are opting out. stop funding a lost cause.

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