Blowing It Scenario #86-Materialism.

When What You Have And What You Own, Are Your Identity, It’s Time To Reassess. Nothing screams I’m happy like making a new purchase. That new house, new car, and new wardrobe will all add up to potentially make you the happiest person on the planet. The bigger the better right? When is enough ever…

Blowing It Scenario #85-Compromising.

A Compromise Is A Lose Lose Situation. In order to understand this argument you must understand the context. The definition of a compromise is, an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions. Remember those last few words each side making concessions. We often think of a compromise as…

Blowing It Scenario #84-Guru And Hero Worship.

Don’t Be A Follower. Be your own guru, your own hero. Make your path righteous but not cause your told to by another individual. Do it out of your own free will. A lot of news stories have recently come out about sex cults and other gurus. Multiple documentaries about cults have been released on Netflix….

Blowing It Scenario #82-Too Much Screen Time.

The Belief That Interacting With a Screen Is The Same As Interacting With An Individual. Now I’m sure most of us don’t assume this to be true, but it is how we treat most of our lives. Screens have become our intermediary to the world. From texting on our phone to social media to email….