Blowing It Scenario #80-Woman Fined $500 By Customs For An Apple She Received In Flight.

Don’t accept Food Midflight And Not Eat It.

Or at least if you choose not to eat it, be sure you claim it on your customs forms. A woman learned the hard way that if you bring outside agricultural products in to the US and forget to claim them you can be charged upwards of $500.

However in this case the woman was simply hungry on a flight and asked the flight attendant for a snack. Upon request the considerate flight attendant gave her an apple. And unbeknownst to this woman saving the apple for later was a big mistake. If you bring in fruit or any other agricultural products from other countries into the states you must claim them on your customs paperwork.

Yet this lady didn’t think a harmless apple received in US airspace would warrant a fine. Most of us wouldn’t think it to be a big deal and probably wouldn’t give it a second thought. But this story shows we must give it a second thought. I guess the lesson to be learned here is. Either finish your food in flight or claim it on your customs paperwork.

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