Philosophical And Opinion Essays On The State Of The World And How To Not Blow It. Please Join The Conversation And Either Agree Or Disagree With Me. It’s The Best Way For Us To Learn

Minimize failures and maximize success. Success follows failure. And failures almost always precede successes.  Keep a growth mindset and continue working through your failures and one day success will come to the forefront. We want this to be the light at the end of the tunnel.

This Website Is Here To Examine Ways That Lead To Success.

The blog is objective observations about the world around us and it takes positions on things we considered to be “blowing it.” And offers solutions on how to not blow it. It is our philosophy. And we don’t always have the right answers. Nor are they to be considered hard truths. In fact, I encourage you to actively disagree with them or you can chose to agree with the disagreeable content.

Disagree With Me.

It is through our disagreements and ultimately acceptance of opposing views that gives us our best opportunity to learn and grow. We have to learn disagreements don’t have to cause conflict and failure isn’t the end.

We Can Be Rouge Scholars On Failure Together.

Learning through others who have failed in work and business, relationships and life in general. As long as we keep moving forward learning from past mistakes. Personal growth is at our finger tips. When we do that, no one is ever a true failure and we continue to make a better tomorrow.

It is our contention that failure has a very obvious trajectory. And if we can find the keystone failures (the catalyst to the problem) of any given situation. We can attempt to eliminate them before they even take root.

Let The Forum Over At Blowing It Be The Place We Share

The goal of How To Not Blow It sister site blowingit.com, is to create a place where we share our stories of failure in order to help others avoid the same perils. Or to just understand that it’s okay to fail, it’s part of the process.

Think Of It As Open Source Therapy.

This is to be a solution based website. Where we help each other grow and succeed. There will be failure on that path. Everyone has done it and most likely grew from it. Let’s critique it and share it.

Whether you blew it at work, in school, on a date, or while traveling. We want to open up a conversation about it. If you have pictures or video that’s all the more better. If you think someone else is blowing it in the media or on t.v. or movies. Let this be your sounding board.

If you have had success after a series of failures we want to hear that. Ultimately this is a site to learn from others failures so you don’t have to make the same. Or you can help others to prevent them from making the same mistakes you have made.