Pouring Money Into An Infrastructure No One Wants Or Needs #175.

Why Pour Money Into New Infrastructure For Bike Lanes In An Over Crowded City? If The Result Causes More Crowding And Even Less Bicyclist? As is the case in the city of Seattle not only have city officials poured millions of dollars in infrastructure cost down the drain. Attempting to create a bike friendly city….

Money As Your Sole Motivator #173.

It’s A Vapid And Vacant Equations. No Amount Of Money Will Ever Add Up To Fulfillment. Money has no meaning, it’s not real. It’s purely an idea that we use as a value exchange. If I value what you have, I will in turn transfer you my numbers or paper that I have been collecting…

Believing Money Is The Root Of All Evil #150.

Believing Money Is The Root Of All Evil Is The Battle Cry Of The Misinformed And Often Less Fortunate. This is one of the major lies we continue tell ourselves that has become so prevalent throughout society. We all know the phrase, many of us believe it to be some form of wise ancient wisdom….

Blowing it Scenario #8-World Economic Forum

It’s A Failure To Have A Few Wealthy Individuals Wax Intellectual About Economics Without Hearing The Plight Of The Common Man. Every year the top business people and those in banking and government get together in Davos, Switzerland to discuss the economics of the day. I do believe in some form or another that it…