Money As Your Sole Motivator #173.

It’s A Vapid And Vacant Equations. No Amount Of Money Will Ever Add Up To Fulfillment.

Money has no meaning, it’s not real. It’s purely an idea that we use as a value exchange. If I value what you have, I will in turn transfer you my numbers or paper that I have been collecting to you for that valued item.

My collection grows by providing value to others in exchange for their numbers. If I work harder for their numbers or give them more of my time numbers, they in turn will give me more of their numbers. If you create something of high value that millions of people want or need, they will give you some of their collection of these arbitrary numbers.

I just call them numbers here because I want to emphasize mundanity of money, it’s banal, not a true motivator of anything.


Focus On What’s Truly Important.

When we choose to focus on money rather than what’s important. We become money chasers. Leaching to anything we think will grow our collection. Neglecting that which is truly important.

Also when we chase something we sometimes frighten that which we want further away. Creating the gulf between more and more expansive. We lose track of the right reasons we were ever pursuing noble ambitions.

Say you want to give your family a better life and you understand it takes an increase in financial status in order to do so. You believe you need to get your hands on more of those arbitrary numbers, so that becomes your sole focus. So you start looking for ways to obtain it. And in your pursuit you might begin to pull yourself further away. From the family you were once so eager to support grow and most importantly be a part of.

You might think money will set you free but the paradox of it all is, the pursuit of it is a new self imposed prison. Money is meaningless, the things it can buy do have purpose. Instead of chasing meaningless money, become purposeful, be a producer.

Other Alternatives.

Every time I think about making this site about money. I become disinterested and disillusioned with the process slightly neglectful. Of course I want it to be successful to the point I can devote more of my time to noble pursuit. It’s more about the allure of creating something people enjoy and want more of. Something of value to another.

I know that money is not a healthy motivator, it manipulates ambition in the wrong way. Make it about others instead. And if some how the money comes and those numbers begin to add up you can enjoy the fruits of your labor with those who are most important to you.

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