Washington State Declares State Of Emergency Due To Measles Outbreak And Parents Avoiding Vaccines #180.

Even If It Could Be Proven That Vaccines Cause Developmental Problems In Children. Wouldn’t You Rather A Live Child Than The Alternative?

There are vaccines to prevent Measles, maybe it needs to be used. Than again no one has died yet from the recent outbreak of the illness. So to each there own. Some parents believe in vaccinations some don’t.

If You Chose An Anti Vaccines Route.

If you want to live at the mercy of nature go for it but if you do that and your child ends up sick you better drastically quarantine that child off from the rest of the herd. You are now responsible for that mostly eradicated illness showing up on your front doorstep and if you subject other people to it. You are a burden on society.

Photo by Adhy Savala on Unsplash

I don’t subscribe to either camp really but I do think there is a level of responsibility regardless of the choice you make. Protect your children the best way you know how.

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