Playing Hide And Seek In An Abandoned Warehouse #177.

Although This Sounds Like It Could Be A Blast For Kids. Think Before You Hide And Seek For You May Not Make It Out Alive.

Last week a kid in his early twenties passed away while playing hide and seek with two of his friends. They started the game in the pitch black of night creating a recipe for disaster. From the sound of it they were just a couple of playful kids looking for a unique way to have a good time.

It’s Not Safe In A Pitch Black Warehouse.

However what they didn’t take into account is the is the safety of a multi story warehouse that hasn’t been maintained in years. It’s very much like a construction site. Unfinished in areas, due more to decay and neglect rather than being a work in progress. Yet if you ever enter a construction site everywhere you look there are safety measure to keep you alive. Danger tape near fall hazards, warnings of hazardous materials, A safety supervisor to make sure all are following the rules. Sometimes it’s slightly over kill but in this case over kill equals living to see the next day, so it works.

Now when these boys entered the abandoned warehouse they didn’t have the luxury of sight, let alone safety measures in place that could keep them out of harms way. So imagine there surprise when one of them entered a dark room probably thinking it was safe to enter.

Visual Tricks.

Maybe the shadows made it look like just another room with solid floors but come to find out floors don’t exist at all in this room. As you step in you immediately begin your rapid decent, in that instance it might register to you that this is the elevator shaft. An open hole from the roof of the building to the ground.

Hide and Seek, Elevator shaft
Photo by Robert V. Ruggiero on Unsplash

It’s a false sense of security when it’s enclosed within the building, you don’t think of it like a fall off the side of a building but it’s the exact same thing.

So after the other two friends were unable to find their fallen comrade they were forced to seek help. That’s when they found the devastatingly tragic news that there friend fell to his death in the middle of what was intended to be a fun experience.

It was simply a freak accident but let it be a lesson so others won’t fall to the same fate. If you are going to partake in a game especially if this game takes place in an abandoned warehouse. Make sure you take safety precautions first. Take a walk through in the day time, if you see hazards barricade them off. Or better yet just stay out of the building altogether. Have fun in life but just make sure you go home safe and alive at the end of the day.

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