Blowing It Scenario #45-Supreme Court Ruling Of Citizen United Is Basically Equal to Russian Meddling In Our Elections

President Said He Would Crack Down On Russian Meddling In U.S. Elections He Should Start With Over Turning Citizens United.

I love this constant talk about Russian Meddling in our elections. I think it’s absolutely hilarious how the media paints a picture of some other country messed up our elections process and now is at fault for our unhappiness in the new state of affairs. It’s a completely ridiculous argument to incite vitriol, anger, and anti-Russian sentiment. It’s our own ignorance that skips over the fact that the worst perpetrators of election meddling is our very own “domestic” companies. I say domestic but that is a term used loosely.

You can be an international company with a corporation based in the United States Of America and that company would be considered a an American citizen. And that “American Citizen” company, would then be allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money to elect the official that will best support their corporate agenda. Take this for a hypothetical example. Anheuser-Busch the makers of Budweiser are considered an American corporation. However they are fully owner under the Anheuser Inbev umbrella. A multi nation conglomerate who is based in Brazil and Belguim. Now if Budweiser had a candidate they thought would best set rules and laws that would help their business. They could then pour billions of dollars into trying to get their candidate elected. How is this not meddling from foreign interest? I’m not saying Anheuser Busch InBev did any of this. It’s just an example I use to demonstrate our very own Supreme court set the stage for anyone in the world to influence our elections. They don’t have to be a U.S. citizen (human citizen) they just have to maintain a corporation within the U.S. And they will be able to completely influence every election held. And our own countries elected officials gave them that right.

Maybe Russia has had their hand in our elections and then again maybe it’s just all fabricated. Just a seed planted in our minds to grow into us to actually wanting to fight with or go to war with Russia.  I hope that’s not the case. My question is what does Russia really have to gain? Did they receive any benefits what so ever from this election? Who knows maybe they are trying to create their own currency and cut out international banking. That will usually earn the ire of those in charge to push for war. Regardless of where you stand on Russia we have to get our own affairs in order first before we go blaming other countries and that begins with over turning the failed and flawed ruling of Citizen United.

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