Blowing It Scenario #44-United Airlines Replacing It’s Performance Based Bonus With A Lottery

Now You Can Work Your Butt Off And Hope To Get Lucky.

This is so indicative of our economy and state of employment. Performance pay based on luck. United is essentially saying we don’t want to pay you for working hard, but we’re going to incentivize you with the idea that if you do work hard we just might pay you. It’s the same concept as an internship. Work hard for free so the employer can benefit from your hard work at zero cost. And just maybe at the end of it we’ll give you a job.

It’s a genius racket and one we all buy into, yes it does work out in the end for a select few. But many more will fail or worse yet greatly benefit the company it “works” for and receive no compensation at all ever. Maybe I’m just crazy to think our time is valuable and if we’re putting in time for another we should compensated for that time. We only have so much of it on this earth why would we want to waste it advancing some companies agenda while never receiving anything in return. It would be a beautiful system if we were all altruistic and groceries were free, housing was free, labor was free, gas was free and health care was free and we all just worked supporting one another at no cost. But that isn’t how our society is setup. We work to get paid so we can pay for housing, groceries, health care, gas and in some cases labor working for us.

We as patrons of United should all be able to fly for free right? We’ll just setup a lottery that will insure the airlines might get paid for travel cost. See how that works when the shoe is on the other foot? It simply doesn’t. Now if the fact is that their is just no money to pay bonuses that is a different story. However if we examine the executives pay and it’s 50 times the average earnings of the employees then their is money in the budget. It may be a crazy concept but I think we should pay the people that help our companies most, the workers.

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