Blowing It Scenario #46-Daylight Saving Time.

Can We Just Be Done Already With Changing The Clock Twice A Year.

What a cruel joke we have played on us twice a year. Spring forward and Fall back as the saying goes. Spring forward happens over this upcoming weekend. And oh what glory we get to look forward to Monday morning when we crawl out of bed, eyes burning, head pounding, as we just received or first day adjustments for our one less hour of sleep then we normally are accustomed too.

Then six months later we’ll get to enjoy the whole circadian dance once again. When we give ourselves the gift of that depressing notion that we will be rolling our clocks back an hour those wonderful long days of summer are now long gone and we will eventually falling back into complete darkness at 4 in the afternoon, as we set our clocks back an hour the follow fall. Neither clock adjustment is enjoyable and quite frankly I don’t see any benefits to it what so ever.

We’re always told it was for the farmers who have to get up at the crack of dawn and before their was an abundance of power workers needed to get there work done in daylight and shops need to stay open for patrons. So hours were adjusted. But there are no farmers to till the land anymore power is readily available at all hours of day and night and the earth doesn’t change it’s rotation back an hour in Fall and forward in Spring. It just all seems completely arbitrary to keep this experiment going. It’s a failure for us to continue to recognize this as status quo. Every year we talk about over turning it and every year nothing happens. Let’s just stay sprung forward and call it good.

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