Limit Monoculture. #260

We Need To Limit Monoculture And Cultivating A More Permaculture Society As Well As In Nature.

Monoculture is the cultivation of one crop. Which has become so pervasive in nature that it’s elements have stretched into the human condition. One crop, one business, one industry to dominate all others in a territory. In nature she sends an arsenal to combat this with viruses, “invasive species” (they are only invasive to the harvester), pest. And as the harvester fights back with pesicides and herbacides, debt financing and all other anti competitive policies. Worse and worse issues arise until the entire crop eventually dies off.


Nature was never meant for monocultures. It thrives with diversity and so do we humans. We see it time and time again. If you kill off competition, you kill off innovation, you kill off motivation and ultimate you kill off the industry or the species. We always fight nature for supremacy, we manipulate it to control it but nature has it’s arsenal too. We see this happening right before our eyes not only in nature with the novel coronavirus killing thousands of people.


We also see this in our financial system where it’s always a race to monopolize everything. Companies will take on debt for decades to undercut all other competition and when all other companies are gone and only one prevails it becomes susceptible to catastrophic failure and destruction of entire industries. And it then needs another power to save it with a bail out. Or it dies which sometimes you should just let it. Because forcing life into a dying industry does nothing to fix the underlying problem. Permacultures usually arises from the ashes. A more harmonic balance.

Monopolies and monocultures need to be broken up and diversified for the whole to survive. Think of areas of your life that you have monopolized, your work, relationships, housing, etc. And think of the catastrophic failures that arise when something goes awry in those personal monopolies we keep for ourselves.

Maybe we aren’t meant to be with just one person or live in just one place, work in just one job or industry our whole lives. Sometimes it works out just long enough but that’s the exception not the rule. Quite literally variety is the spice of life. There is a lot of truth to that statement. Apply everywhere you can in order to not kill off the organism.

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