Context Framing #261

Context Framing Is When We Edit Out Information In Order To Fit Our Own Agenda. Something To Avoid.

Context Framing
Photo by pine watt on Unsplash

Give the whole picture and allow everyone to judge for themselves. This always happens in politics. It’s actually quite sickening how much this tactic is used. You’ll often see an agenda of shining a negative light on another group. By framing the context around their own agenda. Just to show how one side cares about an issue and the other doesn’t. Even if the other group cares just as much if not more. They’ll do this by context framing.

Say a group wants to help a particular social interest. And in doing so they raise funds for that niche. Now if a competing firm wants those funds to go to their cause. They may paint the picture how this group who raised the funds doesn’t care about their cause. In essence framing the context to shine a negative light on a group who might have been trying to do good in another area. What’s even more sad is showing that you care about something just to spite that which you feel some negativity towards. And negativity is simply the absence of acceptance. Don’t care about social cause just because they detract from other causes. Care about them because you truly care about them.

Lets Never Lose Sight Of The Broader Picture, The Whole Image.

Because when the lens focuses on only what was framed in the information given. It becomes incredibly damaging. And that is exactly the goal of it. Damage another. It should be outlawed or at least ran like a roast. If you’re going to drag someone or somethings name through the mud. Or paint them in an inglorious light you should always have to end with something positive about them. Unless it’s truly evil what that person has done. In that case it brings me back to my original point. Give the entire picture not just the context you are framing.

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