Don’t Brace Yourself With The Ejector Seat Handle. #259.

What A Great Life Metaphor. As Well As Helpful Advice If You’re Ever Going To Fly In A Jet. Hand’s Off The Ejector Seat Handle.

In France a 64 year old man was lucky enough to be gifted a passenger flight on a fighter jet. If you don’t already know fighter jets are equipped with an ejector seat lever. In case the fighter pilot runs into fatal trouble and needs to escape as a last resort.

Now if you aren’t familiar with your surroundings you may mistake this as a common handle and when you hit our first maneuver. When those g forces are pushing and pulling against you. If your hand is on the escape lever you just might eject yourself from that situation. In this case the man ejected himself out on take off. He escaped before the journey even really started. And is that not one of the best metaphors through life?

A lot of us live life bracing ourselves on the figurative ejector seat handle. And when we come across any little discomfort or bumpy patch on the road of life. If life’s turns weigh on us more then normal we are so quick to pull that lever and escape. But in life, just like with flying, 99 percent of the time you will always land safely. It’s riskier to eject even though it feels like a safe escape. The adventure will get uncomfortable and tremendously scary at points. But we need release that firm hold on the ejector seat.

Sometimes it’s enjoyable to just be the passenger along for the ride. But for the most part we do need to pilot our own ship. Don’t be afraid to take your life into wild new terrain. Just keep your hand firmly on the yoke steering your vessel and off the ejector seat.

And if you choose to be a passenger you better educate yourself and know the ins and out of every possible inch of the ride you’re on and who’s driving it. Because even though you’re outsourcing your journey you still need to be acutely aware of your surroundings.

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