Forgetting Skin Is The Biggest Organ Of The Human Body. #264

Sometimes We Forget Our Skin Is An Organ. So We Tend To Mistreat It In That Forgetfulness.

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Our skin is the biggest organ of the human body. But we treat it like an impermeable outer shell that protects the more important inner organs from most things. Our skin though is just as important and we need to remember that before we go and apply who knows what to our very permeable outer shell.

What you place on it ends up inside you. Not all of it, that is some of the protection this amazing organ has. But quite a bit of it gets through and definitely enters your blood stream and affects those other more sensitive organs. The soaps, the lotions, the sunscreens, the make-up, deodorants, disinfectants, cleaners, etc. All can get through that protective layer.

How Much Do You Pay Attention To The Ingredients In All Those Products?

Probably not at all because there has never been any cause for concern. It never seems to have any ill effects, or so we think. But those dyes and unpronounceable words most definitely enter your blood stream and unchecked over long periods of time can do irreparable damage to the insides.

Try this experiment sometime. Take a plastic bag and put some pealed garlic inside it. Now place that plastic bag over your bare foot and close around it. After a few minutes you will begin to taste garlic. Because it penetrates the skin, enters the blood stream and somehow effects flavor senses in the brain. All through the skin in your feet.

How Do We Avoid The Potential Damage?

Well you can try to eliminate all of it. Which is very difficult especially for women. No lotions, no make up, soap alternatives and deodorant alternatives. As for deodorant, it is a bit difficult to find a way to mask our body odor. But it can be accomplished with either apple cider vinegar. The vinegar smell dissipates once dry. Or food grade hydrogen peroxide. These allow you to perspire, which is part of your body’s natural toxic elimination system. We actually don’t want to eliminate sweat.

For soap find an all natural alternative. Dr. Bronners hemp unscented baby mild is a good safe alternative. You can also use it as a cleaner as well. Also distilled white vinegar and water make a good in home non toxic cleaner.

For lotion pure aloe will do the trick. Now I feel bad for women. They must at times feel almost obligated to wear make-up. I think it’s high time to let the natural beauty shine through. Maybe women could team up and agree no more make-up without judgement from others. It would give you back a lot of time and be great for your skin and health at the same time.

All in all we have to look at labels and find safe alternatives. In order to preserve and protect our bodies largest organ. Our skin.

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