Concern With Privilege A Class May Receive That You’re Not A Part Of And May Never Be. #265

Never Concern Yourself By Worrying About What Privilege Another Class May Have And What You Don’t.

I can’t speak for people who feel genuinely disenfranchised. That is a state of being that we choose for ourselves. And if you have chosen it I truly do feel bad for the hurt you feel. But what I can say is if we stay steeped in such a belief it will only hold us down. Never to accomplish anything of significance because we believe that is reserved for only those who have privilege, a class we may never be a part of.

I’m a white male and I’m sure I get treated better then most others. I’m never harassed, I’m never objectified. I know I have opportunities others might not. So absolutely there are many benefits to my birth lottery. But I would argue that it was a white male who came up with the concept of white male privilege. People lack fortitude when they believe something is out of their reach. If you can beat someone psychologically before they even enter the game. You have already won and the starting whistle hasn’t even blown yet.

I’m not saying we sweep that under the rug either. But we have to understand the same goes for everyone. Not a single one of us will have the same opportunities as another. We have to strike at the ones that are available to us and create opportunities where none currently exist. And we can not accomplish that being concerned about someone else’s perceived privilege.

Photo by Chris Leipelt on Unsplash

It’s All In Our Heads.

Most of us were never born with the proverbial silver spoon. And we can spend our lives hating the upper class for the wealth and the privilege that wealth affords them. A wealth we might not have yet. But while we do that. we’ll never take any positive action to make our lot in life better. We’ll simply be worried about whats happening with our neighbors lawn, while weeds grow tall in ours.

This becomes massively compounding when we add a problem we can not fix. A race can not change it’s race and no one changes their sex to receive the privilege.

The point here is eliminate the thought process all together. I’ve said it before if you rail against what someone is or has, you put up a barrier to ever enter into that realm. Sorry to say if you hate the wealthy, you will never be wealthy. Hate others privilege you will never receive that privilege for yourself. It’s that simple. Be genuinely happy for others successes and you will receive successes of your own.

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