Not Being Contradictory (Blowing It Scenario#125)

Learn To Contradict Your Beliefs As Well As Others.

This may seem like a misnomer but I assure you it’s very much not. You may think being contradictory is the wrong move. That it’s a move of an aggressor. Surely this is true, it sometime can be, especially when you are actively unwilling to except others beliefs. But I believe we need to often question and sometimes outright reject the status quo. We need to exercise dissension when we think others are in the wrong or doing harm. And most importantly we need to contradict our own belief systems when we receive pertinent information that can lead us to better conclusions.

We can’t always stay sustained on such miopic views. We must work to expand our understanding of all things. Don’t reject new thought, reject the thought of rejecting new thoughts. Actively try to contradict old beliefs. Be a walking talking contradiction, look at ideas from ever possible angle. Heck even this article is a complete contridiction. On one hand I’m telling to be contradictive throughout your life and in your beliefs. While on the other hand, although it’s much lessor of an argument, I’m recommending you not be contradictive, at least not in the combative sense. If you read through the work on this site you’ll find even more contradictions.

Thoughts and ideas are malleable they can bend to your will of influence or they can bend to others. Let them ebb and flow while retaining old information and gaining new insights. It’s human nature to get polarized in a belief but to blindly follow that unquestioning can sometimes do irrevocable harm to you and your relationships. Open your mind and expand your horizons, contradict your every thought to find your actual truths.

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