Necessity Of College Degrees (Blowing It Scenario #126)

The Idea That A College Degree Is Necessary For Success Is Right Up There On Par With Scamming A Senior Citizen Or Robbing The Blind.

What a brilliant racket colleges have at their disposal. Convince a generation of kids and parents that they can’t succeed in life without a college degree. Than in actuality set them up for failure in life, when they have a mountain of insurmountable debt because of said degree. It’s the ultimate irony.

These are mostly just kids coming out of high school hardly knowing any better. We go on believing that this amazing piece of paper called a diploma is our golden ticket. We can take it anywhere in our field of study and get that high paying career right out the gate. Meanwhile most kids and some adults with that expensive degree in hand, that they just purchased. Financed through years of their time, as well as banks and the federal government loans. Cant find work in their suggested field. Many college graduates usually find menial work that does not require any degree what so ever. All the while colleges become more wealthy off this lie we continue to believe.

They even sell some kids on the idea that if you entertain audiences representing our school via sports you can get your college paid for. They tell the unsuspecting youth, “work for us full time for four years we won’t pay you a dime, try not to get injured because if you do will kick you out. Just make sure you continue to entertain with our school insignia and we’ll be sure to rep the rewards from our students by charging them more to watch you play. And the money machine keeps chugging away. Talk about setting a student up for failure amke them an athlete that gives his work away for free. We’re going to teach you the exact opposite of valuing your time. Just give us your body. And we’ll send you out of here thinking you need to give your all for nothing in return.

Some employers even help to perpetuate this lie by requiring a college degree for employment. I’m surprised we haven’t filed a class action lawsuits against these employers. This should be considered discrimination. It says if you’re not wealthy or willing to take on massive early in life debt to go to college we don’t want you. Completely neglecting the fact of true education or emotional intelligence. You could be of far superior knowledge than most college grads and chose to intelligently avoid financial ruin early on in life by dodging the college fund juggernaut but since you don’t have that false claim of intellect, the all mighty diploma, you won’t even be considered for the job.

Now there are speciality fields that require a vast depth of knowledge. And college courses can help to develop the foundation of education in these niches. But why aren’t employers offering these courses for pre employment? They should be offering in the job apprenticeships. Trust me you don’t need a college degree to get a good job either. So unless you’re dead set on your field of entry for life. Don’t jump onto the college degree path. You may regret it down the road when the only career you can get is extremely unrewarding but you have to stay in it just to pay back your loan. Save your money invest in yourself. It will take knowledge to get ahead but knowledge is free, just look for it. Use your local library or the internet to achieve it.

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