Stagnation (Blowing It Scenario #124).

Just As Standing Water Grows Sick And Putrid, So Will The Body And Mind If It Continues To Stay Stagnant.

Progress is tantamount to health, both of the body and mind. Leave either untouched or under worked and watch disease fill in the margins. Some of it will be seen but most goes unseen and unnoticed till it’s too late. The atrophy has set it and progress is simply a distance memory of a fleeting past life.

Always continue to keep moving forward like the pristine rivers that carve canyons and valleys in there wake of progress. Rivers that reshape geography into it’s own image. Rivers that harbor far less disease than standing water. Where stagnant water on the other hand is the breeding ground for it. Remember we humans are 90 percent water. So move your body stimulate your mind. Make small goals celebrates those tiny victories and when those are achieved make bigger ones. Keep progressively working towards bigger and better ambitions. Once you start to build momentum you can use that to carry you to the next wall that stands in your way and you will be able to bulldoze right through it. Use the power of habit to gain new routines, than use the power of routine to maintain results. Here’s how a habit is born and when you know habit creation you know how to use it to mold the life you want.

A habit is simply three parts. First part is the cue. This is your mental trigger that tells you to begin your routine. For example if you wanted to workout first thing in the morning you might put on workout clothes immediately after waking and that would be your cue to start your workout. Second part is routine, or the action part of your habit, this is the workout. Third part is reward this is where your habit gets reinforced. Maybe it’s a drink or smoothie maybe it’s simply the shower after the workout. Whatever it is give yourself a little treat to help lock in those gains you’ve made. Here’s the beauty, the routine portion can be easily interchangable, so if you have coffee in the morning and that’s your cue to have a cigarette. You could instead use coffee as a cue to go for a run. It’s not the best pre-work out drink but you can see in this example how the routine can be changed. Just be sure to reward yourself after the action is complete. You can also habit stack, this is where add more routines to other routines. And you basically use routines as your cue to begin the next. So say you want to create a great morning. You would wake and waking would be the cue. You than brush your teeth which is routine that also acts as the cue that leads you to the next routine, say it’s workout. You workout, than workout becomes the cue to start writing or do something else productive and so on and so forth until you get to your reward at the end of your habit loop. Play around with it, make it fun, just remember to keep progressing.

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