Blowing It Scenario #13-Watching The State Of The Union Speech

Why Even Watch? There’s Two Sides To This Coin, Neither All That Positive.

Hogwash, far be it from me to believe that their isn’t much conviction in the words spoken in these addresses. And when their is, it’s not usually shining the most positive light. So what do I do, I attempt to avoid it. But when all the major news outlets are report on one thing, you tend to take notice. Politics have always a been very sensitive subject. You can find fault in nearly every argument and at the same time find ways to support that very same argument. It’s exactly what divides us and at the same time it’s the same thing that brings others together. It’s a complete contradiction. And if your the lucky few to find value in both ways of thinking then you ahead of the rest.

As F. Scott Fitzgerald once stated, “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.” As many see voters that hold opposing views from their own, as having less intelligence. I would argue most of us do not display this first rate of intelligence at all, especially in this field. So we allow the conflict within us to take hold. We hear the, “he wants to build a wall,” and anger, anxiety grow in some. Others hear that and say, “he wants to protect American jobs.” Some may see positives, some may see negatives, some may just lose the ability to function altogether. It’s stressful and hopeless, and it’s hopeful and empowering. The contradictions cease to end there.

So instead of battling this inner turmoil. Turn off the television. Take a step back. Don’t let it effect you. Take that would be wasted time and put in into something of a higher value. Enjoy time with the family, find ways to make others around you lives a little better. Everyone has there own plight. Help others find hope and empowerment and you’ll be so much more happier when you do.

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