Blowing It Scenario #14-Impatience, The Failure Of Exercising Patience

Good Things Come To Those That Wait.

Or at least that’s how the saying goes. I think it should be good things come to those who are proactive but exercise the patience to see things through to the end. Also their are many things that may seem impatient but are simply elevated pro-activity. An early deadline on a project for instance. Is just a chance to get more creative with your time. To prioritize your days for the most efficiency. It’s productivity without compromising patience. What I’m talking about is that hastened feeling. That urge to push when everyone one else is pulling. The need to get ahead of everyone else, at the expense of everyone else.

Think back on the many arguments you may have had, or the accidents you may have gotten into, or the flat out fights you’ve provoked with friends, coworkers, or spouses. Think of how many were caused by a lack of patience. That red light we just have to make. The line we feel we need to cut in front of. That child we yelled at. The friend you chastise for always being late. How many impatient incidents, that inevitably lead to animosity, or at worse, personal harm, could have been avoided? What if we just took a step back, took a deep breath and exercised a little patience? I understand it’s often hard to do in the heat of the moment but if we keep in mind how easy situations can escalate and get out of hand. No hasty time saving measure is ever worth the loss.

Patience necessitates growth, both physically and mentally. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We must understand that when we’re trying to build something new, or get in shape and heal our bodies, or build that new business we have been dreaming of building. None of it will reach the full potential in a day. The Acorn doesn’t become the oak over night. Neither will your goals and dreams, or your body, or your business. We must exercise patience, continue to be proactive and see things through. Good things will come to those that put in the effort.

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