Blowing It Scenario #12-I am Blowing It

Me, The Author, I Am Consistently Blowing It.

That’s what life and growth is all about, an endless run in with failures, that you learn and grow from. With each new post I’m blowing it. Some of my writing may be profound, but most will be perfunctory. Many articles will come off sounding pretentious. How can they not? I’m sitting here on my metaphorical high horse passing judgement in all forms. I’ll have punctuation errors, grammar errors, typos, run on sentences, etc. Many will disagree with my views and that’s great too. If you disagree with my views or just want to correct my writing please log on and write comments. Or better yet tell us your stories in the forum section of this website. Right now I’m blowing it with marketing. But I’ll continue to learn new methods and continue to get better. Before I was blowing it trying to make this website. I think it’s good but it could be substantially better.

I’ve failed at every single relationship I ever had. But I learned from each and everyone of them, and I grew in the process. I’m so very thankful for all of those failures because without them I probably wouldn’t have met my wonderful, amazing wife. Another relationship that I fail at from time to time but I work to get better, so I can blow it less and less as we grow together. I’ve failed throughout school, I’ve blown it on many sports teams. I’m sure if you talk to some of my past employers, they could vouch for many more blunders along my journey. I have left a beautiful trail of failures all of over this magnificent globe of ours. And I’m so very proud of that.

For the longest time I thought it was something to avoid. Failure was a bad word. Some how we all just magically become successful and there is no hurdles or stumbling along the way. No one ever could possibly just fall flat out on their face. That line of thinking is just simply wrong. We’re going to have mishaps and misfortunes. So I began to embrace my errors and my follies. I built this website as my homage to failure. Because somewhere on your journey you’ll hit a keystone failure and the trajectory of your life will be changed forever. What you choose to do with that failure could make or break you. Don’t let it be the latter.

Here is the best part, we get to learn from our mistakes to become better then we were. Or better yet we can take the fast track and learn from others mistakes. That’s what the blowing it forum is for. I will continue to fail, and I will continue to learn and try new things. Through all my failures, I’ll just keep pushing on. Until one day it may click, and my failures become less prevalent and I actually become proficient in a new skill. Or finally master an old one. That’s just how it works. And here’s the beauty of mastery, a master still gets to fail from time to time. Their is no such thing as perfection. Which means we will always be left with room to grow. So embrace the failures because the only true failure is never trying.

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  1. BLOWiNGiT says:

    Check out this article from from USA Today about what Super Bowl Champion Nick Foles had to say about failure.

  2. Jessica says:

    I think this amazing growth. Every failure teaches you a lesson wether you like it or not. Our failures are what shape our existence there is not one person who has not failed at one point in their lives.

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