Blowing It Scenario #11-Cambodia Blowing It By Arresting Travelers For Dancing

5 Brits Arrested For Inappropriate Dancing.

I’m not much of a dancer myself so if I were to ever visit Cambodia, I don’t think I’d be much at risk of imprisonment. Maybe this is a marketing ploy to reduce tourism to the country. That’s the best answer I can come up with. I understand everyone has their own cultures and rules they abide by. But many forms of dancing are close and intimate by nature. Cambodia should just have an all out ban on dancing and make travelers very aware of this rule. With signs everywhere. This seems as if it could be a poor sequel to the classic 80’s hit Footloose.

Now these kids are facing up to a year in a Cambodian jail. A jail with all kinds of convicts. And British kids who will be completely lost in translation. This could ruin these kids lives and at worst, end it. Who knows what could happen in a Cambodian jail cell. All because a couple of kids wanted to travel the world and have a little fun while doing it. I get it, if you’re fully in the act of coitus on the middle of a dance floor. That could be deserving of a punishment but I still don’t believe one as harsh as a year in prison. Maybe give them a fine and a boot from the country but not imprisonment. I just feel it’s an extreme measure for a very common act.┬áThe punishment just doesn’t fit the “crime.

However, I don’t make the rules and that’s always a risk you take when you travel to other countries. I think the lesson here is before you travel. Learn as much as you possibly can about the culture and customs and the country you’re visiting. And be completely respectful of their rules and way of life. We may not always agree with their ways but if you can’t respect them, you may not want to travel.

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