Distraction (Blowing It Scenario #114)

An Attraction That Steals One’s Focus.

I thinks it’s safe to say we live in the most distracting era ever in history. We have endless entertainment laying in wait in our pockets or handbags. Just at the tips of our fingers we can contact anyone in the world and they can contact us. Either with voice calls, text or videos. Just now I’m being distracted by my phone and my pets. We have family and friends who need our attention and sometimes we need theirs. Our email boxes are perpetual growth machines which is not a good thing.

In a time we need to maximize our focus to get ahead, we seem to have such a limited supply. Or we’ll put or focus into menial task that don’t move the needle forward. We’ll waste hours surfing the web, or posting on social media, or binge watching the latest series on Netflix. We’re so distracted we can’t even give our significant others the time of day. You see it all the time, boyfriend and girlfriend sitting across from each other out in public, both their heads buried in their phones. Because who can be bothered with the bore of a person they chose to spend their time with when there are so much more important more entertaining things to get done online? Groups of friends while out together won’t even talk to each other in the presence of each other because they are so enthralled with their technology. We need to re-establish our focus win our time back. Focus is paramount to getting stuff done as well as being respectful to those you are with.

Delete the apps, turn off the phone, the t.v. the tablet. If you can’t do that at least set them to do not disturb when you need to give your attention to someone or something else. In order to get real work done, you may have to cut out all distraction. Find a place where no device, no person, basically a place nothing can disturb your work. Maybe an office, hallway, closet what ever you need to find complete peace. Simply focus on the task at hand and you’ll be able to get far more work done in a fraction of the time. Let’s not be so frivolous with our time or our mental capacity. Let’s stop wasting it with distraction and gain back some much needed focus.

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