Suicide (Blowing It Scenario #113).

Suicide Is A Very Sensitive Subject But I Feel It Needs To Be Addressed.

This week we lost two big names in the entertainment and fashion industry. Two people who to the outside world seemed to have it all. A women who started a fashion empire with her beloved handbags and a food critic travel host who delighted us with his tales of world travel and the people, culture, and delicacies encountered upon those travels. Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain each took their own lives this week. It’s incredibly heartbreaking and my condolences go out to their families friends and all those close to them.

It’s tough for me to speak about suicide having never experienced that level of mental anguish. As a child I would question what is our purpose here? Do we really have any meaning? Which at times lead down a dark road but those were temporary moments in time, always fleeting to give way to much better thoughts later on. Yes, there is meaning and purpose in everything we do, the trick is to find it. Step outside yourself to see what others gain from you. We must crush the ego in the moments tension is high with dangerous thoughts. It’s not about us. Understand that life is about more than just the me or the I, we can’t think in terms of self. Such a myopic view would give way to acceptance that we can indulge these negative urges at no expense to anyone else. There is always someone else, parents, children, family, friends, fans, employees, coworkers the list goes on and on. We do serve a greater purpose. We also can’t allow what others do to us, dictate how we feel within ourselves. We control all of that, don’t give way to another to choose that for us. No one should have that kind of power over us.

Suicide is a very sensitive subject, it is a permanent solution to a very temporary problem. With one hand you want to shake these people and tell them that they are loved and they have people that rely on them, don’t do this. And with the other hand you want to cradle them in your arm and let them know everything is going to be alright. You will get through this.

It’s weird how both sides of this coin still land on your self. You will need to create new more empowering thoughts within yourself but ones that include others. Always remember you are loved, even if you feel you are not, give it in abundance. You can serve a purpose and if you feel you have no meaning, make it your mission to give others meaning and let go of your own ego just continue to build up others. Expect nothing in return and your heart will be full. However if you truly need help in this very moment. Don’t hesitate to call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. Be safe and help others.

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