Allergies (Blowing It Scenario #115)

Screw You Histamines.

Look pollen you can stop already, I get you serve a purpose but at what cost? Can I get a little reprieve from this incessant sneezing? These allergies are off the charts this season. I am completely kidding about pollen taking a break. I know it serves a much greater purpose than ravaging my sinuses.

Why does something that creates such beauty cause such pain at times? Is beauty pain? Some might argue so. Rigorous days at the gym for that body you’ve always wanted. Hours of primping before work or that big date. Countless days, months, even years toiling to build a business, an invention, something beautiful for the world to enjoy.

Maybe pain is beauty or beauty comes through pain. And we’re all required to sometimes deal with the bitter, or the sour, to get to the sweet. Maybe allergies are natures reminder of this fact. The flowers, the fruit, the trees, all must deal with the pains of the changing seasons, the acclimate weather, the harsh environment, even death and decay and those that survive it come out stronger and more beautiful than before. And those that don’t survive still serve a greater, albeit a more painful purpose. Never the less they’re still contributing to the beauty of the rest of us plants, humans and animals all alike.

I’ll choose to believe that allergies are just nature’s way of reminding us to embrace the pain, and enjoy the pain. Because something much more beautiful is waiting for you on the other side of it.

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