Blowing It Scenario #73-The Sad Story Of The Hart Family And How C.P.S. Was Too Late.

How Were These Women Able To Adopt So Many Children In The First Place.

Jennifer and Sarah Hart had six adopted children to take care of and they did the unthinkable in the end. When they drove their SUV carrying most likely all six children off a cliff in California, three children are still missing. It’s looking more and more like a homicide where all eight passengers were killed. How can such an unstable person get the approval to adopt six children let alone one? And how with frequent check ups from social workers could they maintain such a household?

From the outside these women put on a very convincingly happy facade. In all the pictures of the whole family they’re all smiling ear to ear. So how does such a tragedy occur? There were reports of child abuse by both the children and neighbors. Apparently the women were withholding meals from the children. So much so that the neighbors were feeding some of the kids up to three times a day. Yet when child protective services were closing in, the family went on the run.

By then it was too late to protect these children from their care givers. I’m not quite sure how adoptions are monitored over the years but I would hope that they maintain psychological evaluations on the adoptive parents and when red flags arise they remove the children from their care. Yet you hear about abuse often with adoptive parents. I would imagine, as soon as a child claims abuse they would immediately be removed from that environment. So we never have to hear of a story where adoptive parent launch their vehicle off a cliff at seventy miles an hour with six kids inside. No attempt to break what so ever.  It’s a completely sad tragedy and one we hopefully learn from and can avoid in the future because no child’s life should be cut short, especially when their is preventable measures that can be taken.

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