Blowing It Scenario #74-Police In Canada Arresting Parents Who Hog Tied Sexual Predator Who Was Targeting Their 13 Year Old Daughter.

Can Parents Not Protect Their Children Anymore.

It’s crazy to me that this is a crime that the parents committed and not a crime by the true criminal. If a 28 year old man tries to solicit sex on instagram from a 13 year old girl and that girls parents step in and capture this sexual predator when he come to their house for the inappropriate meet up. They should be given an award not arrested. Instead that’s exactly what happened in Canada recently.

Police told the parents to forget the man and block him on instagram but did nothing to the true criminal in this scenario. Instead they arrested the parents for their actions. The father said am I not alloyed to protect my family in my own house. I could not agree with him more he should have every right to do such a thing. Now this pedophile walks free while the true heroes face charges. What are we do when predators hide behind computer setting traps for innocent children to fall prey too. The parents had their answer on how to bring this man out of the shadows and I think they should have every right to pursue vigilante justice if police are unwilling to follow up a parents request to bring this man to justice themselves.

As for the websites these sick individuals operate within and fake profiles they hide behind, those websites should do more to protect children. If someone is being harassed online that person should have every right to know who their attacker is and be able to prosecute them to the full extent and backing of the law. The internet can be a very unsafe place, especially for young children. Keep them safe anyway you can, even if that means you have to get arrested for it, like this Canadian couple, than so be it.

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