Blowing It Scenario #3-The Government And It’s Shut Down

Let’s Talk Government.

I’ll admit I don’t much follow politics much anymore. It’s all he said she said, an endless campaign for more money. 90% of the time people are upset with one side or another about things they have no control over. Getting us further polarized in our views. I believe it’s a true recipe for depression. So I distanced myself from such topics. Today we a bombarded with news and it’s a constant struggle just to maintain your own thoughts on any given subject.

As for the government, today we enter day 2 of a government shut down. I would think if you were one to want less government, you would rejoice everyday the government is shut down. It doesn’t get much smaller than no government. If your a democrat, you blame the republicans, and if you’re a republican, you blame the democrats. So on and so forth, the vicious cycle will continue on and on year after year. If we had some semblance of control, we would probably be just as self serving. What do we do with the little control we do have.

One popular method is to go march in the streets. Yet, I’m sure if you asked every marcher of a particular issue where they stand on that issue. They would each respond with many variances of self righteousness. And so we stay divided over who gets what and when, like a couple siblings arguing over their parents will. Honestly, I think it’s great to take a stand on issues, but how many actually do it altruistically? I’m sure there are quite a few, but for the vast majority, we all work towards self preservation. Let’s be honest, most of us our after our own slice of the pie. We spent too much on tuition for a college degree, now we can find work in that field. So we want the government to pay us back. We want new homes, but we have no money because were maxed to the hilt with debt. So we buy anyway, and when enough of us can no longer afford our massive debt payments. We need the government to intervene. We are wealthy beyond our wildest dream and we never want anyone to ever touch our sweet hoards. So we get the government to preserve and protect it.

Weather you’re rich or poor, black or white, citizen or foreign, we all want a government to be working for us. We just can’t agree on how that looks. I think the best thing we can do is to start thinking of others, not just ourselves. To continuously work for the betterment of all our neighbors. To be a community that looks out for everyone and not just the few.

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