Blowing It Scenario #4-Hating On Tom Brady

Might Just Be Blowing It By Rooting Against Tom Brady.

I’ve hated Tom Brady for many years. Mainly for beating some of my all time favorite teams. Sometimes the Patriots seem to be shown favoritism or have a history of bending the rules. One of the biggest displays of favoritism began his unprecedented championship run. A little rule the refs decided to introduce mid game in the AFC Championship against the Raiders called the “tuck rule.” Their has since then been “deflategate,” the video taping of other teams practices and play calls. He also beat my beloved Seahawks in horrific fashion at Super Bowl 50.

However since that moment and in spite of all other indiscretions. I started to respect the guy, even started to root for him. And here’s why; As a sports fan we have to realize that we’re witnessing one of the most dominant runs by any player or coach tandem in the history of sports. We will never see anything like this again in football, at least not in our lifetimes. You can make the argument that they’re cheaters, but I would rebuttal with they’ve continued to win without cheating 99% of the time. After deflategate I guarantee an official was in the locker room testing every ball and the Patriots still managed to come from behind in the forth quarter to beat the Hawks. Great teams throughout history and life have always proven to find ways to slightly bend the rules in there favor. You do what it takes to win. Hell Hawks did it with an overly aggressive defense, they knew not every single play would get flagged.

After all that, here is the real reason I stopped hating on Tom Brady and genuinely started rooting for him. This is a guy who worked his ass off to get to where he his. No innate freak of nature talent was bestowed upon him. He was the third string quarterback on his college team, had to fight every step of the way to become a starter. It’s no secret he was drafted in the 6th round of the NFL Draft. This by all counts could have been a player that road the bench for his career. But he continued to work, continued to hustle, continued to fight. When his shot came, he never let go of the reigns, never ceased to improve. Now he’s 40 and on the precipice of his 8th Super Bowl game. Let me say that again, 8th Super Bowl game, absolutely insane. With a chance to win a 6th Super Bowl ring. With an ever rotating cast of characters surrounding him. It isn’t just luck, it’s true greatness. And he has shown us the only way to get there is with consistent hard work.

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