Blowing It Scenario #66-Set Values And Fixed Mindsets.

Is it egotistical or self righteousness to have standards that are too high for anyone to meet?

Even if it is, we never the less should own it, if that is where we place our values. Don’t compromise if you don’t have too. Just know in doing so you’ll be alienating half the people around you, and half the world around you. Values are our life’s compass, our continuous guide lines. Stay within the lines and we eventually get what we want. Go outside of it and a whole new world is opened up for us right before our eyes.

This is not an argument to take one approach over the other.  We don’t need to settle for anything less than that of our highest standards but think of all the possibilities and life changing outcomes if we just open ourselves up to them. Imagine how cool life could be if we were in steady pursuit of our goals yet open to the possibilities that came along throughout that noble pursuit. Not a set or fixed mindset but a growth mindset. Keep continuously growing in all your endeavors, stay true to your compass.  Set the highest standards, have the most unattainable goals and values. Just be open along the journey to them.

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