Blowing It Scenario #67-Bill Cosby, 40 Plus Years Of Blowing It.

40 Plus Years An Alleged Rapist Has Walked Free.

All the while hiding behind the veil of good wholesome family man and comedian.┬áRidiculing and deriding other comedians that used dirty language in their act. This is the worst kind of predator. The most unassuming, and easy to trust. We were all sold the lie, and maybe that was his own carefully crafted image that made us buy into that facade. Making himself untouchable in the process and it’s those untouchables that get away with murder. Or in this case decades of sexual abuse, using drugs to rape victims. We didn’t want to believe it, how could the jello pudding pop guy, the guy who never utters a bad word, Doctor Huckstable himself, how could he be a sexual predator?

Today begins day 1 of his retrial, the fact that it has made it to retrial is somewhat baffling. However I do respect the court process and they are only trying one of the alleged victims case, so they have to completely disregard the numerous other women he attacked in years prior. And statute of limitations apply. All because he hasn’t raped anyone since his sixties. But did we only reach this statute because when original victims came forward their pleas for this sexual predator to be reprimanded fell on deaf ears? Were those in charge of the criminal process also so blinded to the fact it was thee Bill Cosby? I assume it’s very hard to charge a rape case. In most instances it’s one persons word against another and there needs to be evidence a criminal act occurred. However when there are multiple women coming forward with the same allegations it becomes time to act. Time to believe the victims, time to punish the accused.

In this type of situation I believe some flexibility in a statute of limitations should be allowed. If an accuser came forward many years ago and it’s on record but was completely dismissed or thrown out at the time because of the accused status. Than that should not be considered part of the statute, that should be considered poor investigating or poor judgement. Those allegations should now still be relevant, and admissible in court, and it shouldn’t matter how far back they go. Either way Bill Is 80 years old and has already gotten away with all this. We need this to be an example to future generations that it doesn’t matter the stature of the predator let’s go after them and fight them tooth and nail till the end. Till justice is served.

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