Labeling Narcissist #220

If You Place A Narcissist Label Upon Another. Know That It Makes You A Narcissist Yourself.

Why do you label them a narcissist in the first place? Is it because you are not having “your” needs met? That they pay more attention to themselves then to you? Why do you care about what others do with their own time anyway?

Also know that unless you live in a cave and have renounced all forms of communication and pleasures of life. We all have a tinge of narcissism to our names. Just in me writing these words is proof of that tinge. Of course I want them to be helpful and useful to others first and foremost. But they are my words that I look after and care for. And want the absolute best for them. Call it narcissism, I’m guilty too.

We All Live Out Our Ideals For Self Aggrandizement.

Some do it in a way of attention seeking while others do it in a way of internal discovery. What that looks like on the outside differs from person to person as well.

Some internalize and withdrawal. Some seek attention in whatever form or medium that best reciprocates their sense of affection, some lash out. The child that is not embraced by the village will one day burn it down just to feel its warmth.

We all want to be heard, to have a voice. We all want to be embraced by others. Narcissism may just be a more extreme form of this and it may be due to past trauma. I’d be willing to bet many on the extreme end of the narcissist spectrum. That individual dealt with such neglect early on in life that it mutated into what you see now. That damage is on the parents of that child. Love and embrace your children often.

Love Yourself.

Photo by Eugenia Maximova on Unsplash

Just don’t be like Narcissus who ended up falling in love with his own reflection and killed himself because his true love wouldn’t materialize. Love what’s looking back at you in the mirror. Just don’t do it to the point where nothing else matters.

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