Blowing It Scenario #9-How High End Smart Phones Are Blowing It.

High End Smartphone Makers Alike Have Failed Us In Many Ways.

Smart phones have changed nearly every facet of life for almost of us, over the past decade. In some ways for the better, but in many more for the  worse. Never before have we willing carried devices that can track our every moves. It constantly collects data of when you eat, when you sleep, when you workout, your heart rate, what movie genres you prefer, personal private photos you take. The list goes on and on.

We now have a device that allows absolutely anyone to get a hold of us anytime of day. So we’re never truly off the clock as long as our email can prompt us 24/7. And with each new shiny app we download, we invite a new wolf into the hen house. We are required to give up all of our personal data in order to post selfies of ourselves on this social media platform or check if our coworker had their baby on that social platform. We go on telling ourselves lies, that these corporations we tell our deepest darkest secrets too, have only our best interest in mind. So we pull up our search engines on our phones and we type in our inadequacies or our health concerns. And it just becomes more data about us collected for future reference.

So what do we pay for such a service? In the U.S. we have two major phone makers. With such limited competition in the market. Our duopoly gets to dictate the price. And the price they have set is over $1,000 for a phone.  Maybe if the phone came out in 1989 but this is 2018. Not to mention you no longer get to own your phone, you now must lease it from your carrier. which is a massive failure in my eyes, but a conversation for another day.

There is a well know law in the technology field called Moore’s Law. It observes that processing power of computers will double every two years while continually driving down the price. So in theory our phones should be getting cheaper. I will mention their is a antithesis to this law, called Rocks Law. It observes that the technology would reach a saturation point. Maybe we have reached that saturation point in the smart phone market. What other reason could their be that would require us to pay such exorbitant prices for a new phone. Nearly triple of what we paid for past phone models with only a handful of new features. My solution for the short term might just be an inexpensive unlocked smartphone. In the long term, I think it might be high time to upend this market. It seems ripe for disruption.

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