Blowing It Scenario #35-Don’t Blow It With A Tax Refund Scam.

Tax Season Is Ripe Pickings For Criminals, Be Vigilant When Filing.

It’s that time of year. For some it’s a wonderful time where the government gives you back a nice little tax refund. For many others it’s the worst time of year. Already hampered by the never ending tax bill you pay in your day to day life. If you owe the government money come April. You get the knock out blow to the old savings account. We all have to pay them, it’s just part of life but some times it feels like the beating never ends. You have employment taxes, social security taxes, federal taxes, health insurance taxes, the list goes on and on. We pay our car tabs, gas taxes, sales tax, and so on and so fourth. So much of our earnings go to paying for many services and debts we never agreed to or asked for. But this article is not about all that. Today we’re focusing on the scams. Because on top of all that the government’s takes. We also have to navigate the never ending land mines of criminal fraudsters attempting to steal our hard earned tax dollars away, before they even make it to the government.

If you receive any email claiming to be IRS and they don’t have a .gov in their title, they are probably a scam. If you do receive email from company that looks legitimately like the IRS sent it. First ask yourself would their be any reason for them to send you such a email, and second if you are not sure call their offices. The other popular scam happening right now is a phone call claiming to be the IRS and sending you to collections. Do not pay these collection calls, it is a scam. Why would the IRS even send you to collections prior to April when taxes are officially due. Hang up immediately and if you are worried, again just call your local IRS. Lastly don’t get scammed by false websites. It’s really a really simple formula if you are paying online just stick to the website that says IRS and has .gov in the name. Just be safe out there this tax season and use common sense. In a month from now, I don’t want to have to write about you blowing it on some elaborate tax scam.

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