Blowing It Scenario #34-By Blaming School Shooting Survivors Of An FBI Conspiracy.

You Are Blowing It, If You’re Blaming School Shooting Survivors Of An FBI Conspiracy.

These kids have been through enough and it’s about time victims are finally standing up to the status quo. Far too long has the call for change fallen on deaf ears. But the victims of these crimes have taken this atrocity and have become activist in order to facilitate these necessary changes. Now that these kids, who had to endure one of the most horrific acts one can witness in any given lifetime. Now that their stepping up and doing something about it. A right wing group has decided to move forward with claims of a FBI conspiracy. One that has placed one of the child survivors directly in the eye of the public to promote an anti gun, anti trump agenda. Why do they claim this? Well it’s because the kid is articulate and has a father who is retired from the FBI.

Let’s pause a moment to realize how absolutely ridiculous that sounds. First off if you are part of a hate group or a group that thinks kids who were shot at and want change to gun laws, so no kid ever has to go what they went through. If you think they are coached by the FBI. Then you are dumber then a high school student and naturally this amazing articulation coming from the mouth of a teenager would lead you to believe he is in some way  a hyper intelligent, FBI coached wunderkin. This child scholar who displays the most common intelligence, couldn’t possibly be a regular student. He must have certainly been coached since birth for the day he would be placed at a school shooting. That will be the day the FBI release his super intelligence to the world. Even with his dad being a retired FBI employee. Most are glorified accountants or computer savvy men and women.

Lastly allow us to ponder what if. What if this kid an FBI pawn? What if one kid is placed in the public eye to facilitate a change to reduce murders, gun deaths, and suicides. What if one kid is placed in the public eye to push that agenda. What if? I challenge you to find anything wrong with that. Mind you we’re talking about kids. Let me emphasis that again, kids. Kids are being murdered and kids want change. Why? Because their are being shot at in places where they should feel safe. We should all want these kids to succeed on the progress they’re making. Yet many adults are either too stupid, too stubborn or too lazy to effect positive change to prevent these kinds of things from happening. Come on people, it doesn’t take a teenage scholar to figure that one out.

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