Blowing It Scenario #61-Condom Snorting Challenge, Kids Are Blowing It.

The Follow Up To The Tide Pods Challenge.

Kids are dumb sometimes and although they want you to think they have all the answers they do not always know how to assemble that knowledge in a cohesive way. This is why I think ninety percent of the internet should be off limits to children under eighteen but I don’t believe that should be a Government responsibility, it should be a parenting responsibility. Kids also have to deal with a whole other slew of problems through peer pressure bullying and an education system that is crumbling. On top of all that, they watch other idiotic kids trying to go viral on some online video streaming platform and think that it’s cool. So they begin to partake in all these asinine challenges.

First there was a Tide Pod challenge where kids literally were eating Tide Pods that are used to throw into your washing machine too wash your clothes. How ignorant do you have to be to think that is a good idea? Now the latest challenge apparently is the snorting condoms challenge where kids are snorting condoms through their nose and out their mouth. Just plain dumb. Yet kids keep pushing boundaries for that ever elusive validation of likes, views and subscribers.

There was a story I recently read of a teen in Australia who was dared by friends to eat a slug. Something most children would find completely harmless and disgustingly hilarious. However slugs often eat a horrific diet and live a life that brings them in close contact with feces of all animal sources. Particularly rat feces. So what this kid didn’t know was the slug he was about to ingest carried a deadly parasite called rat lungworm which commonly causes¬†eosinophilic meningitis. Sometimes it’s its slightly harmless others deadly. However in this child’s case the the disease severely affected him and he went into a coma for four hundred and twenty days. Resulting in severe brain damage and is now paralyzed from the neck down. He requires round the clock attention. A young healthy teen cut down from his prime in his early years, all due to a ignorant challenge brought on by other young healthy, albeit, dumb teenagers.

So kids, be smarter, don’t follow the crowd, don’t do things just for attentions sake. Find a way to educate and not deteriorate society. Parents as well, monitor your children, lock them out of the internet if you have too. If they don’t understand how ignorant these challenges are, you have a lot more work to do.

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