Blowing It Scenario #60-California Cancer Labeling Laws Adding Coffee To The Possible Cancer Risk List.

California’s Law About Labeling Possible Cancer Risk Is Good In Theory.

It just seems a little bias at times. How are you going to label one of the most popular drinks in the world as a possible cancer risk, and not every single processed food items on the shelf of a grocery store? Chips, cancerous, Cereal, cancerous, cheeseburger and french fries, cancerous. Soda, yes that delicious lake of sugar, cancerous. Coffee is just one of thousands of potential risk. If you are going to go after such high profile items, do it for all items equally. Don’t pick and choose which product you want to bury.

I was recently told an anecdote by a colleague. He said California had to slap a cancer warning label on sand for sand boxes. Why? Because excessive exposure may cause skin cancer. Not sure how much truth is behind this but imagine that. Just playing out in the sun in a sandbox may cause skin cancer. So I guess we should also add slides and swing sets to the list as well.

Coffee has been the staple of life across all cultures for many centuries. It’s an artful craft and a well loved beverage. And though I don’t drink it myself, I believe their are far worst things you can put into your body. As a matter of fact coffee has amazing cancer healing benefits to it, if it’s used properly. If you are one of the unfortunate to get diagnosed with cancer. And choose a healthy all natural alternative in fighting the invasive cancerous cells, over the noxious poisoning of chemo and radiation. Then you may subscribe to “The Gerson Therapy” an amazing all natural approach to fighting cancers of all forms and many other potentially fatal disorders. The Therapy itself builds up your own bodies immunity through natural foods and juices so it can fight off cancer itself. It was discovered by Dr. Gerson that through certain vegetable and fruit juices the body could be purged of toxins through this juices. However the toxins tended to collect and get trapped in the liver. The bodies garbage disposal. He discovered that if you use fresh organic coffee, used in an anema, that certain elements found only in coffee, can actually open the bile ducts of the liver and release those toxins. Completely flushing them from the body. This has proven more effective then current cancer treatments but it’s illegal for doctors to prescribe any other cancer treatment then chemo or radiation so you won’t hear these life saving alternatives from your highly paid doctors.

Knowing this information, maybe we should also stamp a cancer healing label on coffee as well. Just remember this coffee rule, through the mouth, potentially cancerous, and through the anus potentially cancer healing. So drink up, just be sure to do it through the butt.

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