Blowing It Scenario #99-Selfish Acts.

Imagine If We Changed The Name Self Help Industry To “Other’s Help” Instead And We Focused On Improving The Lives Of Others, How Much More Beneficial And Further Reaching That Would Be.

Not that their is anything wrong with self help but when we stop at just the self we aren’t really improving anything around us. We put so much time, energy and money into self help but the crux of the matter is when you’re just helping yourself you’re neglecting everything else. You have to realize that those in the self help industry are successful because they’re applying the very principles of other’s help by trying to help you improve. Those in need of self improvement will be far better off if they just apply their efforts to helping just one other individual. Because that self improvement must see the light of day and must be payed forward for it to have any real impact on your life.

If we simply end at just the self, we can develop a selfish attitude towards the world around us. Once we’re in a selfish state we’ll think what’s mine is mine, screw everyone else. We’ll see others as selfish individuals who leach from society we’ll act out in negative ways to hold on to what we think is ours and that doing our part to help our fellow man is beyond us. It should be left to those who have more. This line of thinking is completely flawed and has no bearings in our culture.

We could think of work as helping others and not just a paycheck. We could do rewarding work that does in fact help others. We could think of the payments we give others as helping another individual in some way. We could donate our time, money and energy to helping others in need. Because when we do, each small act of kindness tends to have a multiplier effect (selfless good begets more selfless good) and the magnitude can sometimes be felt around the world. We may not see the effects all the time but trust me they are there. And they are working and the results can be ever lasting.

Nothing great was ever built alone it takes so many helping hands along the way. Their is absolutely no such thing as self made, banish that idea from your mind. In order to just be on this earth it took two parents to create you. In order to survive past childhood multiple selfless people took care of you and fed you. When you hear the word self made you conjure images that they did it all alone that absolutely no one helped along the way.  We are always in some way going to be reliant of others, albeit someone to purchase your goods and services or to supply them. Be self reliant as much as humanly possible but also know everyone needs help from time to time. Give it more than you get it and the world will change for the better around you.

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