Blowing It Scenario #98-Projecting Insecurities.

Projecting Your Insecurities Upon Another.

Projecting is sometimes a defense mechanism for these insecurities. If you’re uncomfortable with a certain appearance, lifestyle, race, or gender, you may project insults at them in order to overcompensate for those insecurities. For instance if you think some one of another gender can do better work than you, you might ridicule their abilities to shine what you might think to be a better light upon yourself. If you’re a parent who never lived up to your full potential you might project on to your children the life you wanted to lead but never accomplished.

Projecting is very telling of who and what that person doing the projection is all about. It’s weakness in the most blatant form. Displayed for all the world to see. Bullying and bully’s are massive projectors. If you are making fun of someone’s say appearance for any reason what so ever I can guarantee you have have an area of your life you are very insecure in. And it might just be their own physical appearance they’re insecure with. This applies to everything even beyond appearance. If you deride another their are deeper seeded issues that need to be resolved within yourself, not the person you’re applying your derision too. Sometimes bully’s can seem to be the most popular, don’t buy into this air of vanity. It’s a facade and it’s a rare exception, not the rule. Only the insecure sheep would follow this self-conscious Shepard.

It should be said that some projecting is actually very healthy though. If we use it to build up another. It’s when we use it for honest encouraging praise of another that we see our best results in life. Both within ourselves and the other. That is positive projection and the only way we should be projecting upon another.

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