Blowing It Scenario #95-Blaming Others.

Blaming Others For Your Problems, Is The Crutch For The Insecure.

You could be dooming yourself to be forever hopelessly helpless, if you never take accountability for your own actions. Take ownership of your faults just as much as your successes. Blaming others is a powerful crutch, you can place the full weight of all your problems 100% on an other persons shoulders. And in your mind you can be absolved of all the work it takes to make a change because it’s not your fault.

Blame your parents for your poor upbringing and subsequent failures. Blame your children for a life less lived, blame your spouse or significant other for your unhappiness, blame your boss for your nonexistent work life balance. There is and will always be hundreds of people around you to blame but only one of them should carry the load of all of it and that person is you. If you failed to get to work on time that is your fault, not traffic (or in other words blaming the thousands of other people on the road at the same time as you). If you slide back into a poor habit, you are not some victim of circumstances and that is not the fault of other people in your life. You put yourself there, you are the only one who can get yourself out. If you fail to follow through on a promise or plans that is all on you.

This is not to say don’t give credit where credit is do. If you are helped along the way towards successes thank those around you who have assisted you in your progress. For without their help the journey would have been a far bigger struggle.

Just know that wherever you are in life you are winning in that area. If you are lowly and destitute you have won a hard fought battle towards that ultimate goal. If you are wealthy and happy, know that the same holds true for you, you won the race. If your a janitor or professor, homemaker or surgeon, baker or astronaut, you won. That was what you chose to be victorious at. Keep playing the game, if you don’t like the rules or the prizes you have won than change it. You have the power to do so but you will only be successful if you take full ownership of all your outcomes.

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