Blowing It Scenario #94-Living In The Past.

Live In The Now.

The past is the past leave it where you found it. For it no longer has any bearings on today. The things you did or what others have done, should not matter on what today’s outcome may be. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use your past to learn and grow from. The past helped to create who you are but it doesn’t define you. What I’m insinuating is, there is no point in ever rehashing what has already been done, especially in order to┬ádenigrate your or an others past experiences. Dredging up what has already come and gone is a sure fire way to disappoint.

Not all past experiences are bad ones either. So it should also be said to avoid strictly comparing your current life to better times you once had. Those times have past as well, make new memories today. They’re is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a past memory. It’s when we spend all our time in it and believe their will never be a time quite like that again. That is where we get ourselves into trouble. You run the risk of developing jealousy and contempt for your current life. And than if you make every attempt to rekindle some of the old magic you’ll more often than not end up disappointed. Because anyone and everything from that old scenario has heeded this advice and has already moved on, now your stuck holding the bag. Or in this case a life already lived.

We will go through so many renditions of life. Trying to capture and hang on to just one is a very difficult process and everyone involved must be purvey to your plan, as well as go along with it. We constantly change, we change where we work, we change who we’re with and what relationships we have, we change where we live, we change how we go about our days. It’s futile to think we can just stay complacent in one area. Because once you do, the world has already changed around you. And you be stuck there holding on to a past that is no longer relevant. Lets constantly grow, shed the skin of the old and begin with the new, always start with today in mind. Live for that because its a new dawn, a new you. Create the person you want to be and leave all else where it’s supposed to be. In the past.

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