Applying Baby Powder #170.

Baby Powder Has Had Cancerous Asbestos In It All Along.

Photo by Matthew Hume on Unsplash

Talc, the main ingredient in baby powder. Is usually mined within very close proximity to asbestos. Making the cancerous powder substance quite unavoidable and contamination of baby powder is frequent.

Something Johnson and Johnson has known as early on as the fifties. The company has been working on ways to keep the knowledge hidden from public since the seventies. Maybe even earlier but it has used it’s money and power to influence the Food and Drug Administration to cover up the fact.

What Is Hiding In Our Food?

This all begs the question if food and drug administration can be so easily bought off for so many years. What else is hiding in our most used products not just what we use but what we apply and feed to our loved ones?

Food dyes have also been known to cause cancer. As well as neurological problems. Yet children’s food is filled with these artificial flavors and colors. Just looked at the back of your “healthy” Flintstone vitamin box you’ll see Blue #2, Yellow #6, Red #40. These are chemical unfit for consumption.

It Starts In Childhood

Even into adulthood we continue to ingest these poisons because we trust that they are alright for consumption. If the food and drug administration has allowed them to grace our shelves what could be wrong with them? Some of our favorite snack foods and drinks are filled with these. Chips, crackers, soda, juices. It’s crazy what we over look to satiate our appetite.

Johnson and Johnson has already lost a lawsuit to the tune of 2.4 billion to 22 women who claimed the product caused their cervical cancer. It’s pretty cut and dry that the product contains asbestos and that it should be avoided. There is absolutely no safe level of asbestos exposure. To err on the safe side I would avoid all products that might contain it and especially don’t put it on a baby.

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