Buying Into Multilevel Marketing #169.

If You’re Not The Owner Of The Multilevel Marketing Company Than You’re The One Getting Conned.

What other job on the planet forces you to pay them in order to essentially be their employee? Than in turn making you a nuisance to your friends and family, all because they are the only people left for you to peddle your terrible products too. And while you continue to become the town pariah. Your new “employer” continues to get rich while selling you the multilevel marketing lie that you will be a millionaire. If you just buy more products to sell and get more people involved to help you sell them.

Multilevel marketing Pyramid scheme

Who Actually Makes The Money.

They will showcase the one percent of individuals who had mediocre success. Traipsing them around stages letting the audience know it is possible, just buy more of our products. Look this person did it, you can too.

You than buy in under someone else’s sales team umbrella. So the company and this other person make a large percentage of profit off your hard work and sales.

Than, not only are you selling your products, you also need to start annoyingly convincing others to buy into this company. And they can start selling under your umbrella of sales staff. This is how the multilevel marketing company continues to grow.

Multilevel Marketing Companies.

It’s absolutely asinine to join one of these companies. Lularoe, Amway, MonaVie, HerbaLife, The list goes on and on, most, if not all of these companies eventually go defunct. Once everyone figures out the scam. LuLaRoe sellers are all now suing the company for their money back. A company once valued at 2.4 billion may soon be completely worthless.

Usually only the owners and a very select few, those who are the very first in the company, are the only ones who actually make any money. The owners make a killing but all the rest are left with worthless inventory that they paid good money for, that now sits idle in some basement or storage locker.

What We Can Do Instead.

Do not buy into these companies. No matter what they say, they will not make you rich you will only help make the owners rich. If you think you can get rich from selling vitamins or leggings. Than find your own manufacturer and create your own products and sell those. That way your profits are not being eroded by all the middle men taking their chunk out of you. They take the whole pie while your left with just a sliver. Make your own pies and keep them for yourself. Avoid others get rich quick schemes. Heck you could even start your own Multilevel marketing company. Just don’t work for someone else’s.

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