Don’t Wear Headphones While Charging Phone #167.

It Seems Like Common Sense To Not Wear Headphones While Charging. But Even I Was Unaware You Could Get Electrocuted And Die From An Electrical Surge.

Headphones While Charing
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With some chargers being so cheaply made in order to keep them as inexpensive possible. In this glut and over abundance we are bound to run into some occasions of faulty wiring. Faulty wires, which can burn up phone batteries. And apparently if you’re not careful the surge can blow right through your phone. Up through your headphones and electrocute you to death.

This very phenomenon recently happened to a 16 year old boy in Malaysia. But this is not the only occasion of this happening. All around the world there are reports of people who have died from having there headphones in there ears while charging their phone. It’s usually due to a faulty off market cell phone charger that allows a surge of electricity to come streaming through the phone.

What Are Some Better Options.

So lets err on the side of caution and never wear our headphones while charging our phone. And if we feel we absolutely have to wear headphones choose Bluetooth headphones instead. Or simply play music through the phones speaker. And lastly try not to buy off market cheap chargers. Not only can they burn up your phone they can potentially kill you if you’re not careful.

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