Forgive #166.

Why Does If Feel Like If We Make Any Little Mistake, We’ll Pay For It For The Rest Of Our Lives? Forgive And Move Forward.

Why is it we find this so difficult to forgive? No matter what we do or say someone somewhere will always find offense with it. It’s impossible to be perfect all the time. Yet our spouses expect it, media expects it, family can expect it. It’s as if you have a one or two off days and that’s it. We will excommunicate you. Banished for life why we maintain this grudge. It’s absolutely ridiculous folks.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

You may not always agree with what someone else says but they have a right to that opinion just like you have the right to disagree with that opinion. Neither of which is always right and that’s the paradox of it all. So why not forgive, no one is actually right 100 percent of the time. So that’s where our conflicts needs to end, a small disagreement. We don’t need to hold on to it and escalate it to the point of causing harm.

We Seem To Live In World That Is Constantly Unrelenting In It’s Willingness To Chastise.

Recently Kevin Hart was hired on to host the Emmy’s. Within a few days of the announcement he had to step down from his post because a few people took offense to tweets he made. Probably in an attempt to be funny, but they were homophobic in nature.

Although I don’t condone what he said I will defend the right to say it. Everyone has the right to speak there mind. I highly recommend avoiding hate speak though. When you take that position you are already coming at it from a place that lacks forgiveness.

If you hate something it’s because you are unwilling to come to terms with it, you feel incapable to forgive how it makes you feel. Let it go, forgive others, forgive yourself. Educate yourself in order to see others points of view. Don’t fear the lifestyles and cultures of others, learn to assimilate, you don’t have to actively participate but you can be respectful in your decline.


If someone does something harmful to you, it’s probably because they couldn’t forgive something in themselves that they may see in you or think they see  something they might deem unforgivable and vise versa. So the cycle continues. Close the loop, forgive.

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