Craving Attention #162.

Stop Craving Attention In The Wrong Way. We Can Hear And See You Just Fine. You Can Turn Down The Volume On That Boisterous Voice Of Yours.

It has always baffled me how some need constant focus on themselves. As if your attention isn’t ever needed elsewhere. And is only best suited on them. Always craving attention from everyone in the room. They try to control every conversation. They only listen to others not to gain a better understanding. Instead it’s in order to find their next topic to discuss themselves more. And when a break in conversation happens, it’s back to them.

Many Have A Craving Attention, It’s Why Social Media Is So Successful.

As children it is understandable, in fact it’s quite necessary actually. As we grow older though, what is it that carries with some individuals that they must always be a distraction in the room? A simple distraction in the room is sometimes the best case scenario for people craving attention.

Negative Side Of Craving Attention

A select few will lash out in unimaginable ways. They will quietly endure the pain of neglect or unwelcome negative focus until it reaches a boiling point. They think if they do harm than others will finally see them.

Channel The Craving In A Good Way.

Craving Attention
Photo by Miguel Henriques on Unsplash

Yet other times attention needed is channeled into a productive projects like acting or singing, modeling or lecturing. Never the less needing others attention is an act that is 100 percent reliant on varying perimeters outside their control.

You can’t always maintain another’s focus nor must they give it to you. It is their right to ignore. We can only worry about what we do, where we place our focus. Not what others can do for us. I’m sure for some attention is like a dopamine hit with the more eyes on them the bigger the high.

Good Side.

I guess you can argue that just like with everything else there is usually a good side and a bad side to craving attention from others. The good side would be those making us laugh, helping us grow, and entertaining us.

Bad Side.

The bad side would be those looking to fight, harming others, causing annoying distractions, or yelling obscenities. If you do feel you need all eyes on you, that isn’t always a bad thing.

I would just highly recommend you channel it into something of value to others and let others decide if they want to pay attention to you or not. Or simply let go of the unnecessary need to have attention on you.

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