Theft #161.

Stealing Is Never The Right Answer. And With The Holidays Approaching Theft Happens Even More Often. It Takes A Special Kind Of Low To Take From Another.

It’s that time of year, with all the wonderful giving, there is a select few who are performing theft. You’ll watch it on the local news almost nightly. Security cameras will pick up some entitled selfish individual jumping out of their car in order to go steal someone else’s boxes from their porch. Boxes they did not pay for or earn, nor do they even know what these boxes contain.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

They just steal in the hopes its of value to them.

Do they simply throw it out if it’s not what they want? Or do they sell it cheap online, possibly less than half of what the purchaser paid for it? It certainly isn’t returned to the rightful owner.

In their actions they show a blatant disregard for others. Not only their personal property but also there trust and security and faith in humanity. What would ever possess someone to do such things?

Ethical Theft

There are very few things that can be considered ethical theft. Stealing another’s freedom if they abuse it is sometimes the only answer. But almost all thievery is unnecessary, not just the poor stealing to get by. But also the wealthy charging far more than necessary for goods and services. There are very few if any noble pursuit that involve stealing.

You’re Doing Something Terribly Wrong With Your Life.

If you feel you have to steal from another at any point just to make ends meet or get farther ahead, you are doing something terribly wrong in life to put yourself in such a position. The sad thing about it is, stealing does advance one party but it only comes at the expense of another. And stealing from someone who is stealing only perpetuates the problem.

Exacerbating The Problem

The drug addict will still get his fix, while the tool owner will have to buy a new tools or whatever the addict chooses to take to sell for a drastically lower price. Some might purchase that cheap item online that was stolen from another. This only exacerbates the problem.

Those in power who take from the pockets of those with lessor means are not just nefarious in their actions, They will often continue to advance while others suffer. Same thing there, the problems only surmount. The snakeoil salesmen who sells his snakeoil. He increases while others decrease. At what point do your individual needs encroach on other individuals rights?

The Helpful Neighbor That Dies Trying To Stop Thieves

Recently I read about an old lady who’s house was broken into and the group of thieves were just children. You show me the household of kids like this and I guarantee it will display a history of perpetual theft. Be it theft of innocence or theft of love. Something was taken or withheld. So they do it to others.

Sadly the kids didn’t end with just breaking into an helpless old ladies house. A considerate neighbor came to check on the house for the lady and the thieving children stole that man’s life. It’s senseless, it’s selfish, it’s horrific and it needn’t happen. Especially to those trying to help others. Let’s give rather than take from one another and let that be the action that gets perpetuated.

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