Personal Glory At The Expense Of Others #154.

Winning Is Not A Zero Sum Game. Others Don’t Have To Lose For You To Prosper And Achieve Personal Glory.

We often treat it that way. We’ll step on the toes of others to get ahead in business and work. When we treat it cut throat, throats get cut, damage gets done and we leave a wake of destruction on our path. You may get ahead but is the price worth it for that small slice of personal glory. We need to be the rising tide that lifts all boats. We can still get ahead and bring others with us.

Example Of This Within The Game Of Football

Over the weekend a brilliant example of personal glory over team, as well as team over personal accolades was on display on both sides of the field. As the Green Bay Packers faced the Los Angeles Rams. One player sacrificed the greater good of the team in the hopes of personal glory while a completely different player on the opposing side did the opposite, sacrificed personal glory for the team. I bet you can guess which team won.

With two minutes remaining in the game and the Rams up by two. The Packers we’re about to receive the ball on a kick off. The receiving player was instructed to down it in the end zone to put the game in the hands of their best player the Packers quarter back.

When the player catches the kick off two yards deep in his own end zone rather than down it he chose to take it on himself to run for personal glory. In that process he was tackled and fumbled deep within his territory. Turning the ball over.

Display Of Team Over Personal Glory.

Once the ball was in the possession of the opposing team. Arguably their best player had a chance to score one more touchdown. Essentially putting the game out of reach for the other team. But unpredictable things can happen. The kicker could miss the extra point. And the other team could drive down for the touchdown and two point conversion and tie the game.

So rather than take personal glory with a touchdown. the player allowed himself to be tackled in bounds effectively sealing the win. With a few more downs of the ball they ran out the clock and claimed victory.

Work Together To Achieve Bigger Goals Than Yourself.

Now there is no guarantee had that player not fumbled the Packers would drive the field and score a game winning field goal. But had the player thought of team and listened to his coaches. He would have given the team a chance.

Kick offs have some of the highest probabilities of turn overs. Put your team ahead of just you. Your team success is your success. Other’s successes can be yours as well. Help them achieve it while your tide continues to rise.


The team that put the team first, ended up going to the Superbowl that year.

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